Monday, March 28, 2011

Be Pono with your Kokua

Aloha everyone!

I chose the word "Pono" as the blog title as it is one of my favorite Hawaiian words. Quite literally it means righteousness but can be used to explain what is moral, right, your moral duty. Do what is Pono. The other word is "Kokua". Kokua can be translated as "assistance" or donation/help.

Since we last posted the blog we all witnessed a dramatic and life altering tragedy in the pacific. We here in Hawaii were sent packing up the hill to bunker down while waiting to see if we too would be hit by the massive wave that has destroyed so much of beautiful Japan. Although Hawaii received damage, mainly on the islands of Hawaii and Maui, we all consider ourselves lucky and blessed to have made it through with minimal damages. While we all sit and stare closely at our tv screens, wanting to help, asking what we can do, it is important to remember that unfortunately there are people who choose tragedy like this to prosper. Make sure when donating your money to help, you verify where it is going and that it is a legitimate donation collection agency. Aloha For Japan is a great website with lots of information on how to help. Check it out when you have time!

We here on Oahu and at Hawaiian Fire have been pushing right along since that day and we have been so busy with spring breakers! I want to assure anyone reading this blog that is planning their vacation to our island that all is safe and lessons, the beach and the sun are still here :) We would love to see you at our beach!

I did a great hike the other day...just reminded me how lucky we are to live here in Hawaii. Stop by the shop anytime or ask your van driver and surf instructors for their favorite things to do on island! We love to help make your vacation great! (I mean...hard to be better then taking a lesson with Hawaiian Fire but we will do our best ;-)
Me and my buddy Fletcher after a long hike into the valley!

Three beautiful ponds!

For those of you considering taking lessons with us that have not, I thought it would be a good time to explain our lessons and the best way to maximize your time in the water with Hawaiian Fire. We often get calls from people asking the difference between a group lesson and a private lesson. As long as your are 11 years old or over, a group lesson is truly the best way to go! We make sure to staff 1 of our FANTASTIC instructors in the water with every 3 students that are out there. This will give you plenty of time catching waves and getting instruction in the water. We do require a private lesson for children ages 5-10 and this is for basic safety. Kids in this age range generally have a tougher time paddling their own board and catching a wave. Their instructor will be assigned to that child the whole time in the water to help them paddle and a lot of the time they ride tandem on the board! Thanks for the example Kazu!

I guess I will wrap up this weeks Aloha Monday blog. I have to give a shout out to our beach photographer Bryan! He is out there most of the days during the week with you all taking our lessons and he captures some great shots! There are so many but loved these few so I thought I would share!
Many of you may know Zach, one of our regular instructors but he had a buddy this day! Don't worry....totally harmless. Consider yourself lucky if you find a buddy too!
You will see these tiny little guys everywhere! They are the size of your fingernail most of the time...nice shot Bryan.

Aloha everyone!
Jackie and the Hawaiian Fire Crew